photographer: Christina Storozkova

“We lived as usual, by ignoring.Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it” ~ Margaret Atwood


Sometimes I pretend this is just the parallel universe. The opposite day that never ends. This can’t be the way it’s really supposed to go down is it?  Dominating weakness? Peace in  killing?  Energy from destruction?

Our generations are divided by ideas & beliefs that often conflict so strongly, resolution seems impossible. The elders worked  hard achieving this life of ease. Creating  a sense of entitlement to the landscape of our culture. The booming years of  abundance & use validated this belief. Many people  lost touch with their humanity. Ignoring the causes and effect of their own behaviors. Becoming more concerned with who was asking the questions rather than why the question was asked to begin with. After so many years of ignoring we have now been rewarded with ignorance.

Wisdom is marginalized.Education is discredited.Science ignored. The outspoken are made to look like fools. We  have distracted ourselves with the train wrecks of society to the point we now accept leaders  from the rubble heap….

It’s all so serious. Very uncertain. Yet, here you are. Looking for something else. Maybe a laugh. Maybe a light in your day. I hope to share both.  Hope to find them too.


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